Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad News and some Good News...

The bad news is I have taken a solid hit while completing the $300 bonus at Eurobet. I was sailing along pretty good, but on tuesday night I ran into some pretty sick situations which included having a set and running into a higher set. I also flopped a set and lost my stack when my opponent called my bets and made a straight on the river. Finally I flopped Trip K's with AK and lost to 99 on a board of K-K-9. I am a little over half way done the bonus there, but have lost about $200 while clearing it.


Im going to cash out of Eurobet and move to Party poker which is my favourite site to play Poker on, They have a bunch of bonus codes out that supposedly will work for the rest of January. The plan is to head to Party Poker for the rest of the month and clear as many of these bonuses as possible w/ my account and then Amy's playing 4 tables of $25 NL Holdem, hopefully this will reinforce my bankroll and give me some confidence to head back to Eurobet to finish off the rest of that bonus which I have until March to complete.

This just in, Poker is a very hard game to win at when AA, KK and flopped sets dont hold up. 85% of my big losses lately have involved these type of hands. Not much I can do, except try to stay positive.

On the Studying part of the game, I am currently reading Phil Gordon's little green book on NL Holdem. I honestly didnt think Id like this book much, but it is a very good read and I reccommend it to any one, that is trying to improve their game.

Here are the Party Poker Reload Bonus Codes....


15,20,25,30 ARE THE % OF THE DEPOSIT THAT THEY WILL MATCH UP TO $100 OR $75. You must play 10x the amount of hands as bonus dollars you are receiving.

Ie. 15t0100Jan= a $600 Deposit will get you a match bonus of $100, and you need to play 1000 hands to receive the bonus.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and ill do my best to answer.

Good Luck all!


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