Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back at it....

After the rough outing Wednesday night, I took a couple of days off to re-coup. Some losing sessions dont affect me, but losing with big hands to bigger hands time and time again can set me off a little.

I worked Thursday and Friday, and decided to hit the tables late Friday night, and once again 4 tabled NL Holdem on Empire. This was an interesting session as very early on, I hit a set of Aces holding AA, but I slow played it to death and allowed an opponent to catch a flush on the turn, it was all good as he ended up checking the river to me trying to trap me but I checked and only lost $4 on the hand. I find that a set of aces can be tough to play bc, you are almost certain that no one else has an ace. So if you do bet the flop hard, who is going to call you? I decided to check the flop from early position hoping to check raise but no one bet and the flush came on the turn to slow me down completely. Had the board paired on the riv, I could have won a big pot, but no such luck. I then won a nice pot w/ a set of K's, and another doozy w/ 8-4 from the BB, the flop came T-8-4, this time I was able to check raise the flop, bet the pot on the turn and value bet the riv for a nice pay out vs Top Pair.

I did lose a couple key pots w/ set of 6's and an Ace High flush on a paired board, I laid both of these hands down on teh riv in medium sized pots to all in's. I dont if they were correct laydown's, but on the Flush I had a sense that I was being slow played the whole time, and didnt think my opponent would move all in over top of my riv reraise with out a FH.

So all told I made just $10 over about an hour, but felt like I was playing some good poker. I also completed 124 Raked Hands to bring the total up to 295.

Hopefully I'll get some more poker in Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

I also had a decent night in my two hockey keeper pools as M. Kipprasoff shut out the Maple Leafs 1-0. Tough loss for the buds, but since I own Kipper in both of those pools, im not too upset, LOL.

I added some links to my Blog, On the right hand side, u'll see pokersource, which again if you decide to take advantage of their great gifts, please use Norm77 as ur referral. It really is an awesome site as I have collected $500, a $50 GC from and a free set of 300 Poker Chips. The other link is which Daniel Negreanu's poker site/forum. Its a great site with lots of great info/discussion/Poker, plus you can read Daniel's blog which is quite entertaining.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS: As you'll notice there is a comments line located at the bottom of each post, please feel free to click on it write any questions, suggestions or any other feedback you might have.


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