Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January Wrap Up....

Well, The 1st month of 2006 has ended with a wimper, I didnt make too much of an effort to turn things around, and what do ya know? It didnt turn around. I didnt play much over the past few days, but when I did play it was at Eurobet. I decided on a new strategy which should work better for clearing the tougher bonuses like Inter and Eurobet. I'll be playing .50/$1 NL Holdem on 4 tables but rather then buying in for $100 on each table and risking $400+ per session I will be buying in at each table for only $40 or $50. I played a few hours like this so far and I think I enjoyed it a bit more and had better results then I have been having at that level lately. I feel more comfortable pushing all in for $50 then I do for $100, and it has allowed me to increase my aggression and I have also been getting called more with my big hands as my opponents are not respecting my stack.

All in all, January was a fine month, It started with a bang at Empire, then slowed down when I went to Eurobet and Inter Poker, Then I heated up on Party Poker and I thought I was looking good for a $500-$600 month, but I again stumbled at Inter Poker and the bottom fell out when I went back to Eurobet. The good news is I have completed 2/3's of a $300 bonus at Eurobet so I should be able to finish that off in Febuary which will be a nice boost.

I do feel I learned a lot from the tough experiences I had in January, missing the final table in the poker league for the 1st time has made me realize that I cant just go through the motions and I need to try to be patient and bring my A game to each tourney rather then try to force the action. I took some horrendous beats in huge pots which would normally drive me up the wall, but I was able to fight through it and avoid doing anything that could have cost me a significant chunk of my bankroll. This is definetly not the best of times, but I feel it could make be a better player down the road.

Live Ring Games= $0/0 Hours
Live Tournies= -$110/ 4.5 hours= -$40/Hour
OnLine Tournies= -$101/ 2 hours= -$50/Hour
OnLine Ring Games= +$178/76 Hours= $2.34/Hour
League Entry Fee= -$70
Totals= -$103/83 Hours= -$1.25/Hour

Current Bank Roll= $2554 US

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Poker Source Online and Rakeback...

Hey there all,

Just wanted to take the opporuntity to explain the new link at the top right of the blog and make sure every one knows about poker source online.

The new link is Rake Tracker, and if you click on it and sign up for an account you will be able to get a minimum of 25% of your rake back from most major sites including EuroBet, Multipoker, Doyle's Room, Ultimate Bet, Carribean Sun, Absolute Poker, ect. Rake back is basically free money that you receive for playing poker at a site, so if you dont have it yet, you really should, lol.

As for pokersourceonline, its a site that offers free gifts such as Poker Tracker, Poker Academy, Poker Chips, Poker Tables, Gift Certificates for signing up on various sites. Feel Free to click on the link and follow the instructions and you'll be well on your way to free Money.

Good Luck,

An experiment gone wrong...

Friday I played a few hours of poker, and I attempted to 6 table NL Holdem on Eurobet playing at 10 player tables w/ blinds of .50/$1 buying in for $50. Things were moving along ok, but I ran into a couple rough spots when I flopped Top pair w/ AQ on a board of A-8-2, I lost a $30 to an opponent w/ 22. A while later I lost my stack w/ AA vs QQ on a board Q-T-4. After about 90 mins, I decided to end the session and in total lost $171. I did complete 190 points towards the bonus, but it was a steep price and I dont think I'll be attempting 6 tables any time soon. The loss turned January into a losing month -$51 over 76 hours of play.

Last night I went out for a good friends b-day, we hit a bar called Macy O'Mally's then went to another bar to cap off the night. It was a good time, plenty of talk about fantasy Hockey, Leafs, Blue Jays and more fantasy hockey.

Im in two Keeper Hockey pools, and currently in 1st in one and 3rd in the other. The pool that im in 1st in is looking like a run away as I am about 20 points up on my nearest competitor but he has a good team w/ guys like Crosby, Ovechkin ect so he could make a run if im not careful. The pool that Im 3rd, is a dog fight that looks like it could go down to the wire between my self and 3 other teams. Hopefully my squad can make a nice push over the 2nd half. I made a huge trade a few weeks ago that saw me send E. Staal, A. Kovalev, M. Straka and N. Khabibulin for M. Turco, P. Demitra and T. Selanne, It was a pretty big deal w/ Zac who is right ahead of me in the standings, Demitra returned to action yesterday after being out a couple of weeks and Marty Turco is starting to play very well beating the Redwings 2-1 on Saturday.

Today, im just nursing my hang over and looking forward to watching some WSOP 2005 Main event coverage at 5pm and its back to work Monday.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quick Update....

I ended up getting one other Party Poker code to work, and spent most of the past couple of days clearing it. It was for $75. I also won $150 while playing the 750 hands. Im definetly playing better at the $25 tables. Im not sure if its the stakes or just the fact that Party Poker has so many weak players on it.

I also cleared a $90 Bonus on Inter Poker, but That didnt go as well as I ended up dropping the $90 Bonus and $55 more on top. The big hand that cost me late in the clear was calling a raise w/ KQs in the sb. The button made it $4 to go, I called and the flop came down K-x-x, I called his $12 bet, and then a $36 bet on the turn and one more $20 bet on the riv. to see his AA. I definetly should have raised preflop or on the flop to get more information about the strength of his hand. I also think that folding on the turn when he over bet the pot would be an acceptable play. I really dont think an opponent would be playing KJ or KT this way.

So Im real happy with the way things went on Party Poker, Interpoker wasnt so bad, I made a few mistakes that cost me. That is a tough bonus clear bc I have to play higher stakes then Im accustomed to for 1400-1700 hands, and if one or two go wrong the bonus is gone. I will also say that I didnt get paid off on my big hands.

Plan is to head to Eurobet for the rest of the month to finish off the $300 Bonus I was working on.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend Summary

Well, I had a great weekend, On Friday night Amy's brother Rick and his wife Dana came down town to our condo and we had some drinks and headed out to the Keg for dinner. I feasted on the Prime Rib and King Crab legs, it was delicious to say the least. We had a few more drinks at the keg and then moved on to the Bier Market. We hit the dance floor and then moved to a table where we proceeded to get even more drunk, im sure there was some great conversation going on, but I dont remember, LOL. Once we got home we played a litlle poker tourney for pride and urs truly managed to win, I actually played some pretty decent poker considering there was no money on the line and had a lot of fun.

Saturday was veg day, I did manage to play some hands on Party poker, but for the most part I watched some hockey and then the movie Europeon Vacation. Later in the night I started playing Civilization 2 on my computer, its a cool game I used to play all the time before I got into poker. Ive got a game going that Im going to try to finish off after im done writing this, I say try because Civ 2 games can take 8-10 hours to play, and im only at 1537AD, still 500 years to go lol.

I did play lots of poker today and managed to clear my $90 bonus at Party poker and finished $143 to the good while clearing. My major hand came this afternoon when i flopped a set of 4's on a board of A-4-2 w/ two diamonds, there was a lot of betting on the flop, I was in position and moved all in when it got back around from, I got called from the early position short stack and the middle position guy w/ $24 in his stack. The turn brought a Queen and the river blanked off. The short stack showed AQ, and the Bigger stack showed KT of diamonds. My hand was quite vulnerable on the turn as any diamond, Queen, Ace or Jack would have done me in, but it held up and I won the $60 pot.

Other then that I watched the Ultmate Poker Challenge and then watched the Monte Carlo Million on the casino games channel. Phil Ivey is the chip leader w/ 24 players left and I cant wait to watch him play again.

Not sure where I'll be heading next, Im thinking of going to Inter Poker for the $90 bonus that I have pending there, but there is a chance Ill go try to finish off my bonus at Eurobet.

Ill decide tomorrow. Also, if you have GSN, there is a show called High Stakes Poker on tomorrow at 9pm I think. Its a No Limit Cash game with all the big names in Poker, great watch if ur able.

Take Care.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad News and some Good News...

The bad news is I have taken a solid hit while completing the $300 bonus at Eurobet. I was sailing along pretty good, but on tuesday night I ran into some pretty sick situations which included having a set and running into a higher set. I also flopped a set and lost my stack when my opponent called my bets and made a straight on the river. Finally I flopped Trip K's with AK and lost to 99 on a board of K-K-9. I am a little over half way done the bonus there, but have lost about $200 while clearing it.


Im going to cash out of Eurobet and move to Party poker which is my favourite site to play Poker on, They have a bunch of bonus codes out that supposedly will work for the rest of January. The plan is to head to Party Poker for the rest of the month and clear as many of these bonuses as possible w/ my account and then Amy's playing 4 tables of $25 NL Holdem, hopefully this will reinforce my bankroll and give me some confidence to head back to Eurobet to finish off the rest of that bonus which I have until March to complete.

This just in, Poker is a very hard game to win at when AA, KK and flopped sets dont hold up. 85% of my big losses lately have involved these type of hands. Not much I can do, except try to stay positive.

On the Studying part of the game, I am currently reading Phil Gordon's little green book on NL Holdem. I honestly didnt think Id like this book much, but it is a very good read and I reccommend it to any one, that is trying to improve their game.

Here are the Party Poker Reload Bonus Codes....


15,20,25,30 ARE THE % OF THE DEPOSIT THAT THEY WILL MATCH UP TO $100 OR $75. You must play 10x the amount of hands as bonus dollars you are receiving.

Ie. 15t0100Jan= a $600 Deposit will get you a match bonus of $100, and you need to play 1000 hands to receive the bonus.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and ill do my best to answer.

Good Luck all!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Finished up on Inter Poker, moving on to EuroBet...

Ive played a tonne of poker over the past few days, way too many hands to get into much detail. I ended up clearing the $90 bonus on Inter poker but finished -$11 for the Bonus clear. The key hand that made the difference was flopping a set w/ 44. The flop came KQ4, an early position player bet out $6 and was called 4 times b4 it got to me, I moved all in for $86 more. I got called by 2 opponents each of them had me covered, so I had a good chance to Triple up and win a $300+ pot. the turn brought a brick and the River brought an Ace, and a guy won it w/ JT for a broadway. I was over 85% to win this pot on the turn, but it wasnt to be. I took one more bad beat w/ Aces and K's losing to a straight on the river. This ensured that I would finish the bonus clear in the red. I played all of my 9 hours at INTER POKER at stakes of .50/$1 NL or $1/2 NL and I really enjoyed it, its got me hungry for poker again. I think there is some real $ to be made at these stakes. I lost $100 playing drunk, another $100 w/ AA vs JJ, a $100 with a set of 4's vs an OE straight draw and and another $80 w/ Aces and K's to a rivered Straight. With all of those hands going wrong and my own mistake of playing a high stakes short handed game while drinking, I still only lost $101, and the $90 bonus absorbs most of that loss. If a couple of those hands that I was huge favourite in go my way this could have been a very profitable weekend. The hands didnt hold up, and instead I took a hit, but as they say thats poker.

I'm pleased with the fact that I didnt go on tilt and on many occasions got right back on the horse and would win a big hand after taking a loss which means that I am comfortable playing these stakes. Im definetly more comfortable at .50/$1 then $1/2, so my plan is to play $100 buy in NL Holdem exclusively for awhile and see if I can go on a hot streak. I figure even if I struggle for a while The bonuses will help absorb some of the losses and I'll get a cheap learning experience.

So, Im now off to Eurobet to clear a $300 Reload bonus, so far Ive completed 411 points out of the required 3000. I figure it is going to take 30 hours or so of 4 tabling to reach the target.


Just had a great session 4 tabling $100 NL on Eurobet... I won $159. One big hand was a set of 5's where I player called by check raise on the flop, a $40 bet on the turn and my $21 all in river bet when he was chasing the nut flush and caught his ace on the riv.

The other big hand was w/ AK on a King High flop, I check raised my opponent all in, and he called w/ KQ and my hand held up.

January Results Summary-
Online Ring= +383/35 Hours
Live Tournies= -$120/4.5 hours
League Entry Fee= -$70
Total= +$204/40 Hours ($5.16 hour)
OnLine Bank roll= Has increased to $2850 U.S.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Officially Running Bad....

Ive had in my head for a little while now that I may be running bad, mainly in the poker league where it seemed no matter what I did, I wasnt able to finish in the money over the last month of the season.

Well, over the past few days things havent been going so hot online either. Last night when I got home from work I decided to 3 Tables $100 buy in NL Holdem @ Inter Poker. I ahve to play 450 hands to receive a $90 Bonus. A Raked hand at Inter is defined as a hand in which $1 is raked from the pot. In order for $1 to be raked there has to be $20 total in the pot. So it is not a bonus easily cleared at the lower stakes games.

Things were going smooth in this session when Im dealt AA with a raise and a reraise in front of me, I dont mess around and I move all in preflop, Im quickly called by the reraiser for $75 more and he shows JJ. Well, ofcourse the 1st card of the deck is a Jack and Im down $60 or so. I proceed to pick up JJ, QQ and JJ again and lose smaller pots in all 3 cases. Im down $88, so I decide to go to a $1/2 $200 buy in NL Table and once again Im dealt QQ, I raised it $14 and am called by the player to my left. The flop comes JT2, I bet $30, he calls, the turn brings a 2, I check, he bets $35 I call, the river brings a 9, I check again and he bets $50. I call again and win a $128 pot w/ my QQ vs his AK (No pair). This put me in the black $40 for the session, but if my cards held up I could and should have been up a lot more.

I went out and had a good time w/ Carts, Younger, Lotti, Roto and keks on Friday night, we got into the booze pretty good. When I got home I decided to play some poker (not a good idea), I hit a $1-2 NL 6 handed table (not a good idea) and proceeded to donk off $104 in a little bit over 1/2 an hour. I dont remember many hands, so Im not really sure how I lost it. But im sure it wasnt pretty.

So for the month online, Im @ +224 over 24 hours of play (including bonuses)

Im about to hit 3 $1/2 NL tables on Interpoker, so wish me luck.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The ups and Downs of this crazy game....

Well, I must say that I stuck to my game plan tonight in the final league match. I got some chips early with a set of J's. I won a few more pots and then faced adversity when I raised to 300 w/ KK, My brother Darrell reraised me $1000 more. It came back around and I moved him all in, he had 2800 more on top of the 1000. He called w/ AQ, and an A hit the flop immediately, I went from being up T4000 Chips, and 2-1 Favourite to have over 13,000 Chips to being back to where we started T5000 Chips.

I didnt let it get to me too much, I stayed aggressive and active and won my way back up to T8000, but then I made an ill advised bluff w/ T8 off that cost me 4000 Chips. I dont mind the play(delayed Bluff) that I tried, I called off two 500 bets on the flop and turn w/ a board of A-5-6 (w/ two diamonds) holding absolutely no hand or draw, when I called on the flop I told my self Im going to try to take this down w/ a bluff at some point in the hand. I waited till the river when a 3rd diamond came to make a flush possible and reraised my opponents 1000 bet up to 3500. He contemplated for a while and then called. I said nice call and flipped up my T-High, and he showed AK. Now, the major problem w/ this bluff attempt, was that my opponent had a much stronger hand then I thought he had, I really didnt even think he had an Ace, and if he did I figured it was w/ a low kicker as he just called my Preflop raise from the SB and then bet out, on the Ace High Flop not trying to trap me at all. I read that for weakness, but it was strength and the bluff back fired and shrunk me down to a medium/lowish stack, with the blinds and antes moving up to 150-300 w/ a 50 ante. I widdled away a little and then collected the blinds and antes w/ AQs, and again w A6s when I got no callers w/ my all in raise. I then tried to steal the anties again w/ K2s, but was thwarted in that attempt and it cost me T1200 so I was now down to T1750 and the blinds went up to 200-400 and there were still 8 players left. I was on the button and picked up AA, it folded around to me and I moved my stack into the middle hoping for a call from a blind. The SB folded, but my brother on the BB contemplated and then called... I asked him what beat he was going to dish me this time as he was the one that took down my KK earlier, and he flipped up KJs. The flop came down A-K-8 and I was a 95% favourite to take down the pot of about T4000. Turn brought a K, and I was now a 98% favourite to win w/ Aces full, but the poker gods decided it was time to spit in my face and the river was yet another K, giving my bro quad K's. I took the beat in stride and shook every one's hand and congratulated them on a nice season. I am officially out of the final tourney, and Im not as upset about it as I thought I would be. I think I played pretty good poker over the 10 Tournies, maybe a little too passive, which I will fix for the next season, and all in all it was a fun time despite my poor result.

So, I lost $60 in the tourny and I also subtracted the $70 league entry fee from my results for a decent sized hit. I dont add or subtract $ that I win or lose playing live poker from my bank roll, but I do of course count it in my results.

Despite the loss, Im up $147 over 19 hours of poker thus far in January.

Not sure which site im going to head to next, Ill think that over tomorrow and hopefully get started Tuesday night...... But after that last hand, maybe I should take some time off, LOL.

On a nice roll....

Ive played quite a bit of Poker over the past couple of days and have manged to go on a decent run, stringing together wins of $11, $10, $28, $18, and $46. All of these sessions were about an hour and a half long, and I was 4 tabling $25 buy in NL holdem.

During this time I completed the 2nd $100 bonus on empire poker and managed to bring my empire account up to $449 from $237. All told, Ive spent 18.5 hours on empire this month and managed to add $296 to my bank roll. Definetly happy to start 2006 off with a profitable bonus clear.

I had quite a few big hands, one was I limped in from early position w/ AA, there was a maniac at the table and he was on the button, he moved all in w/ QQ (not a bad hand for a maniac) and I called and doubled through w/ my aces.

Another big hand I had was 57s on the BB, my opponent raised my .25 blind up to $1 from early position and I decided to take a flop heads up, the came down K-5-7 (all hearts), This both pleased me and scared me, I played the hand extremely aggressive check raising his $2 bet up to $6, he flat called and when the turn brought no heart I moved in for $17 more. My opponent called w/ AA and no heart and my hand held up for a nice win.

On top of those hands I flopped a few sets, won a nice pot w/ QQ vs JJ, I was also reraising original bettors more often w/ hands like AQ/AK and KQs to take control of the hand and try to win the pots if we both flopped zilch.

I took a tough loss with the QT of clubs when I caught my flush on the river, but my opponent had the A9 of clubs. I got saved by the fact that the board paired and my opponent just called my $4 bet into an $8 pot, had he raised it would have been a tough decision, and im glad he didnt. The other big blow was an ill advised bluff from the SB with ATs, I raised PF and was called by only the BB, the flop came down 2-4-4, I checked, my opponent bet $3, and I moved all in for $15 more, he insta called w/ JJ and I got no help.

Tonight is poker League and although I dont have a good shot at making the final table, Im going to try to play the best poker I can. I have to fight the bordom that sets in playing live poker as opposed to 4 tabling online. Its important that I stay focused on what is going on around the table and try to play more aggressivly then I have been. If im going to go out, its going to be on my terms and not by letting the blinds eat away at my stack!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Back at it....

After the rough outing Wednesday night, I took a couple of days off to re-coup. Some losing sessions dont affect me, but losing with big hands to bigger hands time and time again can set me off a little.

I worked Thursday and Friday, and decided to hit the tables late Friday night, and once again 4 tabled NL Holdem on Empire. This was an interesting session as very early on, I hit a set of Aces holding AA, but I slow played it to death and allowed an opponent to catch a flush on the turn, it was all good as he ended up checking the river to me trying to trap me but I checked and only lost $4 on the hand. I find that a set of aces can be tough to play bc, you are almost certain that no one else has an ace. So if you do bet the flop hard, who is going to call you? I decided to check the flop from early position hoping to check raise but no one bet and the flush came on the turn to slow me down completely. Had the board paired on the riv, I could have won a big pot, but no such luck. I then won a nice pot w/ a set of K's, and another doozy w/ 8-4 from the BB, the flop came T-8-4, this time I was able to check raise the flop, bet the pot on the turn and value bet the riv for a nice pay out vs Top Pair.

I did lose a couple key pots w/ set of 6's and an Ace High flush on a paired board, I laid both of these hands down on teh riv in medium sized pots to all in's. I dont if they were correct laydown's, but on the Flush I had a sense that I was being slow played the whole time, and didnt think my opponent would move all in over top of my riv reraise with out a FH.

So all told I made just $10 over about an hour, but felt like I was playing some good poker. I also completed 124 Raked Hands to bring the total up to 295.

Hopefully I'll get some more poker in Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

I also had a decent night in my two hockey keeper pools as M. Kipprasoff shut out the Maple Leafs 1-0. Tough loss for the buds, but since I own Kipper in both of those pools, im not too upset, LOL.

I added some links to my Blog, On the right hand side, u'll see pokersource, which again if you decide to take advantage of their great gifts, please use Norm77 as ur referral. It really is an awesome site as I have collected $500, a $50 GC from Amazon.com and a free set of 300 Poker Chips. The other link is fullcontactpoker.com which Daniel Negreanu's poker site/forum. Its a great site with lots of great info/discussion/Poker, plus you can read Daniel's blog which is quite entertaining.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS: As you'll notice there is a comments line located at the bottom of each post, please feel free to click on it write any questions, suggestions or any other feedback you might have.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A night of bad beats and bad situations

Well, I didnt get to play as much as I thought I would today as I used my day off to sleep. I sat up and watched my Ultimate Poker Challenge DVD last night and bascically slept the day away. But after dinner and a little TV I did hit Empire to start the 2nd $100 reload bonus. Things started with a bang as I flopped quad 6's and got paid off by the high FH on a board of 6-6-8-5-8. That was the end of the fun though as I then had AA cracked by AK, I raised $3 PF and was called by the BB, the flop came K-8-3 w/ 2 hearts, opponent checked and I over bet the pot $10, he moved all in for a few more $, and proceeded to hit runner Hearts to win the $20 pot. Later on I had QT of clubs in the SB, and the flop came down w/ 3 low clubs, I check raised the original bettor up to $2, he folded but another player over called, The turn brought a brick, so I bet the pot $6, he called and had $15 left, when the river didnt pair the board or bring another club I moved all in and he called with A2 of clubs. Maybe I over played this hand, but there was a chance he had a lower flush then me and would have paid the all in on the riv, but an argue ment could be made for slowing down as well i guess. I then had JJ cracked twice medium sized pots, and finally lost w. 6-8 on a board of 6-7-8, I bet, opponent raised, i moved all in he called w/ T9 and I had enough at this point losing $63 in just over an hour. I did play 171 Raked hands but still have a ways to go. Hopefully I can rebound so I dont lose the whole bonus.

The only hand I feel I played real bad was the 6-8 two pair hand, but I think I had just lost my patience at that point and was too eager to try to win some of my $ back.

I work tomorrow, but may try to hit the tables a little more tonight or tomorrow after work.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I woke up a little earlier then usual today and played some NL holdem, it wasnt a great session and I lost $21 in an hour, most of it w/ JJ vs QQ and KK, I was happy not to lose all of my stack on a board of all undercards, but I leaked away more chips on other hands later on.

I then went to work, and came home and watched Batman Begins on DVD, Its the 2nd time I saw the movie and it was just as good as the 1st time. After the movie it was back to Empire Poker to finish off a $100 Bonus I was working on, I put in a marathon 3 hour session which was going great after I doubled of off of AK w/ a set of 6's on a board of K-6-3-9-K. Unfortanetly late in the session I took a $22 hit when my Aces and 6's lost to a flush draw, I put him all in with my two pair but he called and hit his draw. So I finished up $9 for the 3 hour session, but I did complete the $100 bonus and added $147 to bank roll playing at empire the past few days. I will still be there over the next few days as I clear the same $100 bonus with my fiance's (amy) account.

Ive got tomorrow off, so I will be looking to get a lot of hands in if possible.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Poker League- Season 4 Week 10

The league works as follows, 11 of us pay a $120 entry fee at the beginning of the season. We then play 11 tournies and use our 10 best scores. You get two points for showing up, and 2 additional points for every player you out last. You also receive 3 bonus pts for 1st, 2 bonus pts for 2nd and 1 bonus pt for 3rd.

The goal is to finish in the top 6 and play in the final tourny where there is $120 * 11 ($1320) up for grabs. We each buy in for $60 each week and get T5000 chips to start with. The blinds start at 25-25 and increase gradually every 20 mins. The pay out each week is 50%/30%/20%.

The competitors are Myself, Darrell (my brother), Craig (brother in law), Steve, Paul, Greg, Brian, Matt, Dave, Joe and James.

We are now in week 10 and I am in 8th place and needed two strong finishes to make a push for the final table. Unfortunately things didnt go too well tonight, and after making a nice lay down w/ KK in a small pot, and then another lay down Preflop w/ AQ after my T1000 reraise from the SB was raises all in by a limper, I was basically blinded away and finished 5th after moving in UTG w/ T2400 w/ T3s, blinds were 200-400 w/ a 50 ante, and i was called by AQ and lost deservingly so. Im not sure if its a good play to move in w/ that rubbish or not, but w/ the blinds moving up to 250-500 on the next hand i felt it was time to try something. Bottom line is I once again allowed my self to become a medium stack which shrunk to a short stack. The key point in this tourney was picking up AA in the cut off w/ the blinds @ 150-300, I made it 800 to go and all folded leaving me w/ zilch to show for my monster.

As far as Online poker goes, Im working on a $200 bonus for 2000 hands @ Empire poker right now and am 4 tabling $25 NL Holdem to get it done. So Far Im up $47 and im 324 Hands into the bonus clear.

Im looking forward to an interesting 2006,

Ive decided to get into the blog thing and write about my experiences playing poker. Im coming off a great 2005, where I was able to build a bank roll of $2500 playing low stakes NL Texas Holdem and collecting bonuses from various sites.

My core group of sites is Party Poker, Poker Stars, Empire Poker, Inter Poker, Eurobet and Full Tilt. On top of the bonuses I collect points at www.pokersourceonline.com and reddem them for gift certificates at party poker when ever I have atleast 10,000 points. If you are not using pso, I strongly reccommend you start. Its a great way to tour the various online poker sites to see which ones you like and receive gifts for doing so, it really is a no lose situation. Use Norm77 as your referral if you'd like to get started.

My goal this year is to win more then I did last year, and my plan is to continue to collect the easy bonuses playing $25 NL Holdem and $1-2 Limit holdem, but I would like to start playing more $100 Buy in NL holdem and higher limit games as well. Its important to mention that I play both under my account and my Fiance's Account so I am able to clear PSO promotions and reload bonuses twice which helps increase my bankroll. Im also thinking about going to Las Vegas in the summer and taking a shot at a low buy in World Series event.

In 2006. id also like to play more MTT and S&G Tournies to improve my tournament play. I run a poker league for my friends, so I will keep you posted on how that goes and explain how it works in a future post.

Happy New Year all, hopefully 2006 will be full of success and enjoyment!

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